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tonight. live from san jose international, stephanie traung. >>> how to best prevent oakland from shootings and sheet violence. the safety committee voted to brought in extra help. but it won't say about the figure at that decision. jean elle is in oakland where that meeting has been going on for hours. and they kind of passed the buck. >> reporter: the safety committee listened to hours of emotional testimony. mostly from people concerned about bill bratton's tactics. after a rowdy meeting, the committee voted to support outside help but not bill bratton. they say his reputation is just too toxic. hundreds of people at an oakland public safety meeting booed police chief howard jordan. >> let the public speak. >> reporter: stopping the chief from explaining why he supports to spend $250,000 to hire police chief bill bratton for advice on how to stop violent crime in oakland. >> why don't you go and have howard jordan buy his book on amazon. >> reporter: local opponents say bratton won't offer improvement but will deliver the controversial stop and frisk policy they say leads to pr
know. >> it took hours of cursing, screaming and debate, but this morning oakland has finally made a decision on a very controversial proposal to reduce violent crime. it is now poised to hire one of the best known policing experts in america, bill bratton. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with them this morning. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the message coming out of the oakland police department this morning is that oakland has only one police chief, howard jordan, that bill bratton will offer advice on how to reduce crime here. doesn't have to be what worked in new york or l.a., but boy, there is a lot of doubt. the 2:00 a.m. vote brought a mix of relief and anger. the city council approved a contract hiring high profile police chief bill bratton to help oakland get a handle on violent crime, but opponents say his aggressive style just won't work here. >> i think that the zero tolerance also has this really destabilizing effect on communities. it relies a lot on kind of massive police sweeps and high numbers of arrests. >> repo
afternoon, i'm jeff rash theory, live in oakland where some of the best bay area bargains up for grabs, all to help a great cause. tell you how to get your hands on some of these awesome deals and exactly where we are in just a few minutes. speaking of deals, dealing with sunshine and the 7-day forecast. that full weather report in just minutes i. >>> crews are digging up part of a street in green bray to try to fix a water main that ruptured under the roadway this morning. it happened near sir francis drake boulevard. chp officers tell us at one point, water was shooting six feet into the air. at the rate of 1500 gallons minute for 90 minutes. the break was capped but about a dozen homes are still without water tonight. crews are now making sure the roadway is still structurally sound. >>> investigators in the central valley have started excavating a new well linked to the speed freak killers. the as well in linden, the same area where another well was excavated which revealed the remains of some of the victims of lauren herzog and we shall wesley sherman tine. several of the victims' fami
to the fire in oakland we showed you at the top of the show. you can see the flames burning through the top of the building. we understand it's a three-story building right off of 880 in a residential mixed use neighborhood. you can see the fire is burning right through the roof of that building. there are lots of firefighters on scene. traffic is moving around the home, and it's butting up against 880. so far we haven't heard any word of any traffic problems. a great amount of smoke billowing into the air. a tough situation for firefighters. it is very dark and, as you can see, it appears to be raining in that area right now. but still a lot of thick smoke and flames coming up. at this point we're hearing the building is awan dobandoned but there's no condition firmati confirmation it has been checked o out. >>> well, the hype in coupertin didn't live up to the hype. investors lost a good chunk of money. let's check in with scott budman and the apple stores. underperforming. we haven't said that about apple in a long time. >> reporter: when you're the most valuable company in the world as
, to a follow-up on a breaking story we brought you at 6:00, a fire ignited by squatters in oakland this evening. drivers of nearby interstate 80 could see the fire as they passed by. police arrested three people that climbed on a nearby rooftop on escape the frames. -- escape the flames. we were told seven people were living inside the vacant house. >> it was abandoned and they were all sharing housing. and they all trained each other how to get out in case of emergency. >> the flames were hard to put out because the stairs inside were destroyed. it was too dangerous for firefighters to go in. despite how difficulty it was, no one was hurt. >> bill bratton is coming to oakland. his focus, how to reduce crime with community involvement. more on why the community is divided on his new role. >> after living in oakland for 56 years, ray got caught in a hail of bullets. >> we were screaming and the guns were firing away. and all total, they shot around 17 rounds at the cars. hitting my car, and striking my vehicle seven times. >> he is the policy adviser for larry reed, the shooting makes the heated
with a memorial service at noon at mission dolores. >>> oakland police are under pressure to track down a gunman in four different shootings after four people were killed within a few hours of each other yesterday afternoon. one of the victims was a 17-year-old man. the shooting spanned different neighborhoods of that city from west oakland to deep east oakland. this is the scene at the fourth shooting which happened around 8:15 last night on hillside street. not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's killing is oakland's 60th homicide of the new year -- sixth homicide of the new year, that is. police say they have linked all four homicides to several rival gangs. there have been no arrests. >>> a teenager from milpitas died in a crash this morning, and the driver of the car is in serious condition. the accident happened on northbound 880 in san jose near gish road at about 1:30 this morning. the chp says the car was speeding and somehow flipped ending up on its roof. the passenger was thrown from the car. alcohol and/or drugs are suspected. >>
some of the folks have not had a hot shower since january 3rd. >> in the east bay now, has oakland hit rock bottom? several oakland city council members are pleading for state and federal help after a violent weekend in the city. the toll since friday, four people dead and a total of 15 people shot. nbc bay area jody hernandez is there on the scene. >> some here at city hall and across the city of oakland, everyone here in the city of oakland are calling for something to be done here to curb the violence, some say it's time to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency here in oakland. that after an incredibly violent weekend, 15 shootings took place across the city over the weekend. four of them fatal and many took place in daylight. it's time for city leaders to forget about the egoes and ask for more help. but the police chief say they are getting help from the california highway patrol, and alameda sheriff's deputies will be hitting the streets that is after help from the atf and u.s. marti marshals office. with the violence escalating, many say it's clearly not enough. >> we
escaped custody. he was being driven to highland hospital in oakland for a routine appointment. the alameda sheriff's department says at some point during the ride from jail to the hospital, he got out of the leg irons and waist and hand restraints. as soon as he got to the hospital, he took off running. police found his jail clothes. >>> detectives are on the scene of the city's latest homicide. it comes at a critical time when officials have a key deadline in a battle that could end with the feds taking control of the police department. jodi hernandez joins us live in oakland and, jodi, this is exactly what mayor kwan and the chief don't want. >> reporter: i can tell you we, for now, are on the scene of a homicide just on the other side of the park here. homicide investigators are investigating a body. someone called in about 3:00 this afternoon saying there was a body laying in the roadway. mean while, as you mentioned, scenes like that have become all too common here in the city of oakland. but some unprecedented help could be on the way. oakland some side investigators are
more as we get it on air and online, >>> in oakland, assemblywoman nancy skinner introducing controversial legislation with the goal of curbing gun violence. the bill would tight regulations on ammunition sales here in the state of california. this is an initiative directly responding to the school shootings in newtown, connect, a deadly scene, where the gunman was found carrying high-capacity magazines. christie smith was there for that announcement and she joins us now with the details of this plan. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. state lawmakers and their supporters here in oakland know that they have a fight on their hands trying to regulate ammunition sales here in california, not just with the gun lobby but also with a number of people who think that something like this wouldn't be that effective, after all there is a black market here that you just can't regulate. they were led by assembly member skinner of berkeley and gathered in front of the state building to unveil ab 48 and they also held a moment of silence for the vict
is missing this morning from the oakland museum of california. this is the second time the museum has been broken into since november. nbc bay area's christie smith is at the museum where mayor kwan spoke this morning regarding the burglaries. we're hearing there's now a reward being offered. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the museum is now offering a $12,000 reward for information that leads to them getting this historic gold rush era box back. it was stolen on monday of this week. bold break-in overnight when the museum was closed. now, they say this box is really distinct, the look of it if you saw it it would be easy to spot. at the same time they're not releasing a picture of it for us to share with you. oakland police say that that's part of their investigation. but here's where it was stolen from, an alarm box downstairs in the gold rush display. investigators believe the thief broke through a door on the side that led to a garden. the museum has called it priceless and would not confirm reports that this thing was worth perhaps up to $800,000. this is the second break-i
support of stop and frisk techniques aren't what oakland needs. >> oakland has rejected all of these brands of policing that he's famous for already. we rejected gang injunctions and curfews. >> bill bratton is one of the most prolific and profound policing minds in the country and we're fortunate to have him come here and help us understand the dynamics of oakland. >> reporter: oakland's police chief is pushing hard to get bratton with the city's crime rate climbing, he says he needs all the help he can get. >> what happened over this weekend in oakland is a clear sign to us -- >> reporter: earlier today the city council finance committee approved more than $5 million in help including money to hire 21 civilian police technicians and funds for ten sheriff's deputies to hit the streets of oakland for up to six months. >> it's not just whether we say we care about fighting crime. it's whether we are actually funding enough personnel so that you have the boots on the ground to respond to 911 calls. >> reporter: again, demonstrators are inside city hall right now as we speak up
show of force. a critical part of oakland's plan to reduce violent crime is facing vocal opposition. protesters have gathered as the city's public safety commission prepares to vote on whether to higher one of the biggest names in policing. jodi hernandez joins us live from oakland city hall. that name, bratton, very divisive. >> reporter: it certainly is. dozens of protesters are inside city hall as we speak trying to put pressure on members of the city council's public safety committee to scrap its plans to bring bratton to town. though the city is dealing with an unbelievable crime rate, folks here believe that bratton is not part of the solution. people have gathered at oakland city hall to try to convince city leaders not to bring one of the nation's biggest names in law enforcement to town. bill bratton, former head of the nypd and lapd is ready to bring his expertise to oakland if the contract is approved to hire his team. >> i would love to see $250,000 go to community
yesterday in oakland. >>> the mother who lied about the attempted abduction of her 2-year-old daughter may be charged for filing a false police report. san jose investigators discovered the lie after re-interviewing the woman. her story was not consistent. this morning, a number of people are upset about it. police, who spent money on the investigation, and also neighbors. who for 48 hours thought a child predator was on the loose. >> i feel so angry right now because everybody thought it was real and everybody so scared. >> the police will discuss the case with the santa clara county district attorney's office who will decide whether charges should be filed. >>> we now know more about the role a woman in custody may have played in the death of a millionaire. the contra kosta times was told raven dixon set off two other suspects in the case. they are members of west oakland gangs known for organizing robberies in oakland and fremont. according to the contra kosta times, she gave information on the mansion and contents. four suspects have been arrested. >>> after 27 years with the force, sa
: this comes at a very critical time. the oakland city council may spend over a million dollars to bring on a crime consultant, brill bratton. members of the public safety commission and police chief were shouted down. the committee said yes, but i spoke to some activists this morning who said this would lead to racial profiling here in oakland. now, the chief has said he wouldn't support any policies that would violate people's rights, but he said now more than ever he thinks bill bratton is the right man for the job. >> thank you very much. also from oakland, oakland city council considering a graffiti enforcement ordnance. the ordnance, which received preliminary approval last month, seeks harsher penalties for taggers. the new fine on businesses that failed to remove graffiti within 15 days. the city council now expected to take a final vote on the issue tonight. >>> in brentwood now, four teenagers have been seriously injured after being shot during a drive by shooting. they range in age from 13 to 16 years old. police say all four were standing on the sidewalk near a home on bretto
whenever you need it. all you need to do is search weather. >> oakland's mayor and top cop are on the defense, following a controversial vote to hire bill bratten. the big question is, now that he is hired, what will he propose as a solution to oakland's growing problem with violent crime. we are life at citi hall with the story. >> well, good evening. i spoke by phone earlier today to his wife and she tells me that he is now in detroit working on a problem similar to the one he will be working on in oakla oakland. as for what he will suggest, we can is surmise that by looking at what he has done in other cities. home break ins and burglaries are something that is featured on oakland crime watch. the program was started last summer. >> i had a neighbor recently just accosted, was on hold for 20 minutes with 911 and was advised to go online, and fill out a report. >> he said that it's a daily occurrence. 30 burglaries and assaults per month. >> at least one per day. it's outrageous, us as tax paying citizens should not have to accept. >> these are the low level crimes that t
based on the true story of oakland's oscar grant took home top honors at the sundance film festival this weekend. grant was the unarmed man shot and killed by a park police officer in 2009. and there is already buzz about the film for next year's academy awards. we're hearing our first reaction to the film's big accolades from oscar grant's family. monty francis is live with the story. >> we're here at the fruitvale station. it took home two big honors this weekend at the sundance film festival. >> do you have plans for tonight? >> the film stars oscar winning actress as oscar's mother and michael b. jordan as oscar gran. it drawn cals the 24 hours leading up to the shooting that ended grant's life. fruitvale won the grand jury prize and the sundance audience award. he lives in richmond. in his acceptance speech, he called the movie a love letter to the bay area and dedicated the honor to oscar grant's family who was there for the premier of the film in utah and just returned home. we caught one oscar grant's aunt and uncle tonight. they said the film brings the much needed humanity
a nearby porch as an oakland police officer lays down evidence markers after the latest shooting, an 8-year-old girl shot and wounded in broad daylight. >>> good evening and thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. that little girl is in the hospital tonight after being shot in the leg. this all unfolding around 2:30 this afternoon. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney just spoke with oakland's chief of police and joins us live with what wha police have to say. just 8 years old. how is the girl? >> reporter: she's going to be fine. it's a superficial wound. the police chief responding him seven to the scene of the shooting today as a way of saying it's got to stop, shooting of these very young people, and there's been a slew of these in oakland, it's just got to stop. take a look at some pictures from the area 65th avenue off international boulevard. according to oakland police it happened about 2:40 this afternoon obviously broad daylight. a number of people were milling about this suv when a car pulled up, a group of people get out, they opened fire. an
after one of their own is viciously beaten and shot in east oakland. they arrested five gang members. the community is now increasing its plea for help. only how to get that help is causing outrage also. in a few minutes, oakland city council members will need to decide whether to hire william bratton. jody? >> janelle, the council chambers inside city hall are absolutely packed. the fire marshal just asked folks to leave because there's not enough room. 200 people have signed up to speak at tonight's meeting. while bratton critics plan to be loud and boisterous, others in oakland say this crime-ridden city needs all the help it can get. >> it's hell. it's hell. it's hell on earth. >> reporter: that's how sandra describes what it's like living in this east oakland neighborhood, where an undercover police officer got beaten and shot in the arm last night. >> they're violating everybody else's constitutional rights. we can't walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. you know, they need to be stopped. >> reporter: tonight the oakland city council will vote on a co
morrison about this investigation. so watch it, go to >>> just in, oakland police are investigating the city's fourth homicide in a single day. this late rest shooting happened around 8:15 tonight on hillside street, not far from bishop high school. the man pronounced dead at the scene. it's oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of them happened this week. >>> the intensifying fight over gun control is national. but tonight, it becomes very local. a gun show is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. jean elle has more on what's expected this weekend. >> reporter: thousands of people concerned about maintaining their gun rights are expected to come here to the cow palace for a gun show tomorrow, and will be met by people who live in the neighborhood, people who want gun shows here banned. >> it will be 18 years in april. i've been doing this, my little brother been dead 18 years. >> reporter: shawn richards started brothers against guns after his brother was shot and killed in 1995. he's still fighting to get guns off the street because violence con
evening. i'm jeff ranieri. live in oakland. are you looking for that new piece of furniture? we're at the epicenter of some major bay area bargains that stretch for thousands of square feet. where you can get your hands on some of these exciting goods. that all go to help a good cause plus your weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. two silicon valley hot shots are taking your ouellet with them. scott bud mann is here with a pair of jaw dropping numbers. >> this is a follow-up to what we told you yesterday. two tech companies with neck-snapping moves after reporting quarterly earnings. apple selling a record number of iphones and ipads but still falling short of what wall street wanted to hear, losing billions of value today a stock drop of $63 a share. apple now down by a third since september. netflix on the other hand is on fire. a big rise in both subscribers and earnings. a 42% pop in the its stock price today. it has not been this high since september of 2011. and more earnings tonight, microsoft reporting a slight dip in profits as it tries to roll out windows 8. mi
. >>> oakland police are under pressure to track down four killers after four people were killed in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon. the shootings reached different neighborhoods of that city from west oakland to deep east oakland and all took place within a timespan of about six hours. this is the scene from the last deadly shooting which happened around 8:15 last night, not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they believe all four homicides are gang related, and they have not made any arrests in any of those cases. >>> san jose police have made another arrest in the beating death of a 14-year-old boy last year. 31-year-old joe was arrested thursday on murder charges. investigators say he was hiding out in an apartment complex there. police say he was the last suspect wanted in the death of reyes who was attacked by several people in san jose's roosevelt park last april. >>> and in san francisco, hundreds of people came together to remember the people who were killed in that city in 2012. 68 people were killed in san francisco
. >> it is relative to settling lawsuits -- >> reporter: an emotional meeting about how to effectively police oakland attracts hundreds of people. many waiting for hours for a chance to voice their opinion about a $250,000 proposal to hire formal police chief bill bratton to help o.p.d. get a handle on daily violent crime. jessica says the support of stop and frisk will put young men of color at risk. >> we happen to have an unfortunate skin color. i hate to say it like that. i have pride in who i am. >> reporter: the mother to be said if oakland invests in what she calls unconstitutional policing her unborn son will grow up to be a target for police. >> i didn't think it would be like. this i kept saying i wanted a girl. >> reporter: supporters are just as emotional begging the council to act if it will help stop the bloodshed in oakland when you can't walk down the street and be safe, when you can't go to school. you can't because it is just a war zone that's going on. we need a bill bratton as a strategist. >> reporter: some say they stacked the crowd, sending e-mail blasts urging residents who su
are fortunate to have him come here and help us understand the dynamics of oakland, and tosy with our community members, our staff and see leaders to develop a comp henceive plan to address the crime problems in oakland. >> oakland has summarily rejected the things he stands for. we rejected curfews. >> he is the former police kmeef in -- police chief in other majorities. we will have a live report on the hiring report at 6:00. a heinous crime that left a little dog dead. they have now identified the man responsible for throwing a dog into traffic while committing a robbery. last month, officers believe barrett robbed a woman in a car and then through her dog into the street. if you know anything about his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> it was a gruesome discovery, a man's body found stuffed in the trunk of his own car. the body was found last night near the sonoma state campus. the car was in a no parking zone, sheriff's deputies noticed blood on the driver's side and noticed the trunk unlocked and then found the body. the victim is a sonoma county man with a criminal history. t
troops in afghanistan and other conflict zones. this former mortgage broker from oakland, california, has found a way to get them equipment and other things they need quickly and directly without going through the military. nbc's mike taibbi has his story tonight. >> reporter: you won't see aaron nearborn featured in one of the pentagon's recruiting commercials. >> boxing those up, getting those out today. >> reporter: but what he has been doing for two years in this vast, unheated warehouse in oakland, california, has provided crucial supplies for thousands of men and women in uniform and in harm's way. trauma kits and stretchers. ballistic eye protection. and tarps to repair ripped tents. spare parts for a failing generator that would have taken months for the regular supply chain to provide. >> this generator powers their communications, their intelligence, their daily operations, everything. we're literally able to ship it to them within 72 hours. >> reporter: it all started when one of nearborn's marine pals deployed to afghanistan and asked for some needed items. nearborn sent them.
was stabbed outside an oakland bart station. police say that last night around 6:45 in the evening, a man got into an argument with a cab driver. the argument escalated and the man established the driver before fleeing on foot. the driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. police are still searching for the suspect. >>> new details tonight on that long anticipated nhl lockout ending. it took 113 days and 600 cancelled games of hockey, it is finally back. it's music to sharks fans ears, the nhl prior's association hammered out a deal just in the nick of time. harry wofford is here with the details. if you stayed up to watch this, you must be tired this evening. >> i am ready to talk about it, hockey is back, and it's about time the nhl lockout is over. the league and the players association reached a tentative agreement, the deal still requires language, clarification and ratification from both sides. however, there's a chance the 2013 schedule will be announced tomorrow, and most of the teams will open training camp on thursday. the new agreement is a ten-year deal with neutr
in a long standing dispute. the sticking points cuts the benefits and sick leave. we are live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also in oakland, a gold rush at the oakland museum of california. police are searching for a stolen artifact worth $800,000. thieves broke in yesterday and made off with the gold rush era quartz and gold box depicting early california. it is closed on monday as is traditional for mu seems. it's the second break in in receipt months. back in november thieves made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. they read the receipt break in is a loss not only to the museum, but the community and the objects convey the heritage and the stories of the people. >> they're took matters into their own hands. police investigating burglary cases in which the would be victims double as crime fighters. in one case the intruder ended up dead. both happened during the day in the east bay city. one on lehman and the other on canyon oaks circle. police say a homeowner confronted a man breaking into his home. he wrestled him to the ground and stand the suspect in the neck
this morning, an update to a story we have been following in the east bay. the oakland zoo says the alligator that was found just yesterday guarding a stash of pot inside a castro valley home has died. alameda county sheriff's deputies found the gator named mr. teeth when doing a routine probation check. it was in a tank, apparently guarding 34 pounds of dried marijuana. the gator was taken to the oakland zoo where it was placed in quarantine after its owner said it was very sick. that owner is now in jail. >>> some relief for a hayward mother whose daughter was kidnapped in 1998 and never seen again. a bone fragment found in a well in linden does not match michaele garecht's dna. the well is believed to be a dumping ground for the so-called speed freak killers. in a blog post, garecht says she's disappointed there's still no answer what happened to michaela but goes on to say, quote, the feeling i felt was a sense of relief. >>> san francisco police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a suspected killer. police say this video right here shows a clean-shaven man with long hair
. the tough police style bratton is famous for is not for oakland. >> oakland residents have come out time and time again against things like loitering ordinances and curfews. >> bring in bratton and the fbi. >> reporter: for those living in the thick of it, they say enough is enough. it's time to get tough. >> they are violating everyone else's constitutional rights. we can't even walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. they need to be stopped. >> reporter: a live look at city hall. you can see that protesters have started to assemble outside city hall, and i can tell you that the police chief tells me he still believes that bratton is the best man for the job, the best person for the job. he plans to present a 30-slide power point presentation at tonight's meeting. he says he is more resolved than ever to bring bratton in. reporting live in oakland, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll cover tonight's meeting. brentwood, four teenagers recovering after being shot in a drive-by shooting. the teens range in age from 13 to 16. they were standing in front of a
of great stuff out there. that's going to go to help the oakland museum of california. let's look at the doppler radar. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall for tonight. expect drizzle to continue for the east bay, south bay and for the peninsula. let's take you outside to the live camera network. we do have the low cloud cover and the areas of mist and drizzle, visible on the h.d. camera lens. it has improved air quality over the last six hours. also up into san francisco, no heavy rainfall, but those roadways are slick. we had subtropical moisture feeding into the cold front today. that kept the showers lingering around. six to eight hours longer than some of the forecast models expected. that's going to kick toward the east tomorrow. but here comes another system. unfortunately, it's not going to be a dry weekend. we're not looking at a large storm. but we're expecting the areas of showers, sun and some clouds. and another reinforcing shot of cold air. that's going to drop temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. jacket weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. 42
they were chasing crashed in oakland hills. the suv crashed near the sequoia country club. the chase started about 2:00 in the morning when chp tried to pull over the stolen suv. the mercury news is reporting that suv was packed with eight people between the ages of 15 and 19 when it raced down i-80 onto 580 before it crashed into a tree in oakland hills. neighbors woke up to the sound of the crash and the sirens. >> i was just so proud of the oakland police force at that point and chp guys that were here. they really worked beautifully and they were here for at least two or three hours. and we did see a stretcher with a -- cover off there, i assumed somebody had died. >> the driver fled the scene, is still at large tonight. >>> this past tuesday marked the 40th verse of the roe versus wade decision. the annual walk for life west coast rally started at civic center and ended with a march down market street. organizers and demonstrators are encouraged by how each year the crowd is bigger than the last. >> it's very easy if you're of my persuasion to believe you are alone, or one of a tiny min
been exposed. >> for example, that shipping channel from the bay bridge to the oakland astuary is covered by the restrictions. however, it looks like maybe the bay bridge itself is not part of the restrictions. >> reporter: the executive director of san francisco baykeeper, and she is on the harbor safety committee. she tells me the bay bridge should definitely be listed as a critical maneuvering area. >> it seems that there's a possibility that just a slight change to the rules will bring the bridge into a critical maneuver. >> reporter: making the change could take a few weeks. the harbor safety committee meets thursday, and the item is not on the agenda. it will meet again next month. until then, the investigation into how the ship hit the bridge continues as does the work to close the gap in the san francisco harbor's committee safety plan. >> it was a close call and a good opportunity for us to look at all of our planning and response systems. >> reporter: now the harbor safety committee is not only going to go over those critical maneuvering areas, they're going to review
of field operations. moore leaves his post this friday. >>> this will be a pivotal 24 hours in oakland. the city council will decide whether to hire a high-profile police consultant at tomorrow's meeting. laws have been resisted by oakland voters. that's what nypd william bratton is known for. and the city has proposed hiring him for $150,000 consultant contract. bratton is known for new york's stop and frisk policy, which was declared a violation of civil rights by a federal judge last week. critics of bratton expect to show up. >>> a shooting happened right in the afternoon. the city's gunshot detection system alerted police to that crime. officers responded and found 24-year-old jonathan behind an oakland street. he had been shot multiple times. a second victim showed up with gunshot wounds, as well. he's listed in critical condition. >>> a warning for women after a violent attack in a popular san francisco neighborhood. here's a sketch of a suspect that was released today. police say he tried to rape a 31-year-old woman in the mission district earlier this month. the victim says th
in. oakland police are asking for your help finding a missing woman. police sent us this picture of gloria ji this morning. her husband called police after she failed to show up for work, and he suspects foul play. gloria ji is 63 years old, 5'1" and wears glasses. investigators found her car in oakland. anyone with information is asked to call oakland pd's missing persons department. >>> police looking into the city's first homicide of the year. police were called to the 1900 block of tripoli block this morning just before 8:00. that's where they found a dead body in front of a home. police say the unidentified adult male was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. an ambulance arrived, but pronounced the man dead on the scene. >> now we have witnesses, witnesses meaning people that were in the house that may have possibly heard something. they're down at the police department right now being talked to by some of our homicide investigators. >> police say the victim was in his 30s and related to the people who were inside the home with he was found dead. they have no motive o
at the oakland zoo veterinary hospital. it's a story that has already hit national headlines, thanks to possibly the most bizarre part, why he got the gator back in 1986. >> he said he got it to commemorate the death of tupac shakur. truth is stranger than fiction in many cases. that's the case today. you can't make this up. >> reporter: and this alligator set to be in quarantine at the oakland zoo for 30 days, that's protocol, to make sure there are no parasites, to make sure it's healthy before figuring out its final ending spot. mayor is in jail in lieu of $160,000 bail and is set to make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. live in san leandro, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> we have new details on a story we first brought you last night at 11:00. a bitter breakup could have led to a woman to orchestrate a home invasion in pittsburg, targeting her husband. police say a man broke into a unit at the via serena apartment complex on leland road yesterday. the resident of the apartment stabbed the intruder to death. police say the break-in was a plot devised by the
accused of opening fire inside oakland's university and killing seven people is back in court today. a judge will determine whether one goh will be held until he is deemed competent to stand trial. he'll most likely be treated for schizophrenia at napa state hospital. the court will receive a progress report every 90 days. earlier this month a judge decided goh was incompetent to stand trial. prosecutors say he plans the killing spree after becoming angry with school officials over a tuition dispute. >>> some quirky fixtures with tiny beards and mini little pants on there in oakland could be removed by pg&e. they wear knickers. dozen of tiny gnomes have popped up attached to fences and power poles there. pg&e says it's concerned that the screws they drill into the walls there to will compromise the structural integrity of the phone poles and prompt others to attach creations to the poles which creates a maintenance issue for utility workers. but neighbor say the gnomes bring joy to passers by and prompting gnome hunts out there. and the neighbors, some feel they should just be left
every time that happens. >> reporter: jordan says violence in oakland will slow when witnesses start cooperating with investigators. the man who was living in this block for 30 years says he is not sure what the solution is. >> other than having a police officer on every corner around this neighborhood, this is not much you can do. maybe educate the people more. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: well, tonight, that 8-year-old girl is recovering from her ordeal. and police are looking for help from witnesses. but help from witnesses is something that police in this city have come to not expect. hive in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >>> the massive refinery fire has cost chevron $10 million so far. that's according to the report that chevron filed with contra costa county. that report was filed today it affected by the fire as well as area hospitals as well as local agencies. in the report, chevron says it's expanding testing to detect thinning pipes and increasing employee training to try to prevent similar accidents. the august 6th fire was caused by a corroded pi
declare a state of emergency here in oakland but others say the city is clearly in crisis. >> it's worse than out of control. >> reporter: oakland vice mayor larry reid says he's appalled at the city's escalating violence. 15 shootings took place over the weekend leaving four people dead. reid and others say it's time for city leaders to put egos aside and ask the governor to declare a state of emergency. >> we've got to forget the pride some folks are hesitant asking for a state of emergency and asking the governor for help. for me, my pride will go out the window when it's about the safety of the residents of the city. >> there is no way you can do this in oakland now without more troops on the ground, so to speak. more resources. and that has to come from the governor. >> reporter: but observing's police chief says there's no need to make a formal request. he says they're already on 0 rating under a state of emergency. the department's getting help from the chp and 15 alameda county sheriff's deputies will soon be hitting the streets. plus, he says, any hope that would come would be a
. a dadly chain reaction crash snarled traffic on 880 and oakland for two hours tonight. all northbound lanes were shut down near the high street exit just until about 10:00 tonight. police say the driver hit the center divide around 8:00. then the man got out of his car and ran across several lanes of traffic. he was struck by several vehicles and killed. >>> a safety expert says that if you are in an accident drive off the highway if you can. if you cannot, stay in your car and turn it off. officers say resist the urge to get out and get help to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal conditions that could affect your safety. >>> it was a race against the clock as a dive team in a south bay searched cold and murky waters for a woman whose car crashed this afternoon. it was on the expressway in san jose. despite the team's best efforts, that woman died. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is at the scene tonight with more on what happened and what could have led to that crash. kimberly. >> reporter: kris, emergency crews were out here for three hours today. once the woman was taken out of the
scheduled appearance in court is january 28th. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. coming up at 6:30, not just guns but the bullets. a proposed new safeguard by a bay area assembly woman is to help curb the violence. that story just ahead at 6:30. >>> new details on an officer involved shooting in walnut creek that left a hairstylist dead. during a news conference this afternoon the city's chief of police say anthony bent jr. was holding a ten-inch chef knife when police killed him. the incident began with a 911 call for a woman who said a man was being attacked inside an apartment. when officers arrived they say no one answered the door so they forced their way in. that's when they ran into banta. >> nancy was described as extremely agitated and he refused all commands given to him by the officers. officers ordered mr. banta to drop the knife several times. banta, mr. banta suddenly charged down the stairs towards the officers with the knife in his hand. >> that's when the chief says his officers fired in self-defense. >> the other two peop
's a question that had oakland police asking the people of the house where a 7-year-old girl was shot and wounded yes. they did arrest one person who had an outstanding warrant and the police chief has called for swift justice. one councilmember says that's not enough. jodi hernandez has details from oakland. >> we have very limited information right now which is making it very difficult for us to solve this very, very heinous crime. >> reporter: oakland police descended on the house where a 7-year-old was shot during a drive-by shooting last night. they briefly detained six men and arrested one on an outstanding warrant hoping to figure out why the house was targeted and who the shooter was really after. >> we will catch the shooter, and we are coming after you with all resources possible and with deliberate speed. >> reporter: the problem is resources are thin. six people have been killed in the city so far this year. another 31 wounded including two police officers. police and city leaders say crime won't be tolerated, frustrations mount as things keep getting worse. city hall says
and on your right 880 in oakland. there have been reports of water pooling on the roadways and highways. let's bring in rob who is tracking this latest round of wet and dare i say cold weather, too. >> it was fairly cold this morning and cold during the day. you are seeing the rain in san francisco over towards oakland. between pleasantton into free mont and a few more showers leaving san jose. you can see the area of low pressure rotating off the coast line and tonight rain off and on at times. decreasing the scattered showers. tonight chilly. 30s and 40s. coming up in the full forecast we'll let you know what it means for sunday afternoon. the rest of your weekend forecast a few minutes from now. >>> state senator wants to close a loop hole that makes automatic weapons legal to own in california. it is a position that is generating debate and racist threats against him. how the senator is responding and what we know about those threats so far. >> reporter: this is not the first time that senator ye has been the subject of threats. two years ago he disagreed with rush limbaugh and received
were shot to death in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon in oakland. the shootings happened from west to east oakland, and all took place within a time span of about six hours. this is the scene from the most recent shooting that happened around 8:15 last night. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they believe all four homicides are gang related and have not made any arrests at this point. >>> we have new information on the beating death of a 14-year-old boy in san jose last spring. police have made another arrest in the case. 31-year-old joe chaverio was taken into custody. police say he was the last suspect wanted in the death of harry reyes, who was attacked by several team in san jose's roosevelt park last april. >>> hundreds gathered to remember the people who were killed in that city in 2012. 68 people consider killed in san francisco and today, 68 held crosses in their honor. that represented much more than one life. >> for me, that's very powerful. i spent 23 1/2 years incarcerated because i took a person's life, and to hold this cross in honor of so
wine during communion until the flu season ends. we checked with the diocese in oakland and san francisco and they say they will continue to offer the shared wine during communion. >>> one east bay school, it's not the flu but another contagious bug. more than 100 students appear to have caused the noro virus. excuse us for that video there. nearly 30 schools reported similar cases. ♪ >>> we want to show you video now. lady gaga's tour kicks off in about 2 1/2 hours. but this is more than your typical concert. this includes everything from parking lot fashion shows to free health screenings. this is a lot more than just a stage show for fans. >> reporter: it is. and you mentioned lady gaga's little mopsters. right now, a few hundred are taking part in the born brave bus tour. once you get past the music and the boldness of its appearance, you realize that there are some serious issues being dealt with. you can't miss the born brave bus. for all its color and style, it's been created with one basic goal in mind, to help. it invites fans to connect with counselors about anything
to 980 in oakland. three different cars hit him. one driver stopped and is helping in the investigation. the two other drivers left the scene. the chp believed the victim may have been homeless. >>> three people have been detained after a raging fire in oakland last night. firefighters say three-story building on harrison street is an empty tinder box that is too dangerous for firefighters to enter. they believe the fire was started by squatters. police arrested three police who climbed on a nearby roof to escape. one woman tells us seven people were living inside. no one was hurt. >>> in san jose, police investigating the city's second homicide of the year. a woman was found shot in an apartment complex on ponselle court yesterday afternoon. officers found that woman inside one of the apartments and they are right now trying to figure out exactly what led up to the shooting. the "mercury news" says the woman was running a paper out of her apartment. it was named "anna's cigarettes." so far in the case, no afternoons. >>> san jose police are expected to get their first look at surveilla
-old man was killed and several others hurt when an suv they were chasing crashed in the oakland hills overnight. the chase started in el cerrito at about 2:00 this morning. police asked for assistance from chp when they tried to stop a stolen suv. the suv was packed with eight people between the ages of 15 and 19 and the driver raced down i-0 and on to 580 before it crashed in the oakland hills in a tree. two people were ejected from the car. the man who died was from antioch and the driver fled the scene and still at large tonight. >>> two people were rescued from the bay this afternoon after a tugboat pushing a barch crashed into their sailboat and sank it. the crash happened around 3:00 just west of the golden gate bridge. two people were on the sailboat and both pulled to safety, one by the coast guard and another by the crew of a san francisco fire boat. one had to be treated for hypothermia. police are searching for two men and two women who broke into one home last week and they have strong evidence thanks to the homeowners. take a look an the surveillance video. mark rivetti t
decided to do burnouts on northbound 880 near the oakland coliseum. it happened saturday afternoon about 4:00. the spinning cars blocked all lanes, northbound 880 while spectators recorded the chaos on phones. the chp is now studying the video posted on youtube. >>> investigators continued searching for what sparked a large house fire in san jose which ends up injufirefighters. the red cross right now assisting with six adults and five children who were left homeless. >>> police are now involved in a hazing investigation at a catholic high school that led to five students being expelled. police say several freshmen football players at st. patrick high school claim they have been the victims of sexual hazing ritua rituals. police say the alleged assault happened in the locker room during the football season. the coach has been fireded and five of the offenders have been expelled. >>> six months after the boy scouts reaffirmed its long standing ban on gays, the organization says it's rethinking its stance. the policy is under scrutiny after a boy scout was denied his eagle scout badge after
pride tonight. >> right now a live look outside. that's from oakland, the port of oakland. get your engine started on this wednesday, january 30. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> right now it's about 4:31. good morning. i'm john kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with christina loren. no doubt sleeping in. rob? >> nice day for sleeping in. no fog, rain.
from about 0 to 25 degrees. even tracking some slick conditions. throughout oakland, down the peninsula, spotty showers that will make it down throughout san jose. there's not going to be a whole lot of moisture left but we are looking at snow levels dropping to 1,000 feet. you are at the greatest risk. a dusting expected, even some black ice if you're traveling throughout the east bay and the north bay. if you're heading south to the coastline, a rare and unusual coastal snow advisory at least in our viewing area. you can seep the snow advisory in effect for 1,500 feet. 1 to 3 inches of snow. if you thought it was cold today and by friday morning a freeze warning already in effect where temperatures will be near record setting. we'll detail a lot more throughout the show. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff. crews are hoping it will prevent flooding. members of the california conservation corps trying to secure the levy that burst last night during heavy rain. the structure needs major upgrades. 6,000 homes and businesses are in the flood plain area in east palo alto. >> and then a pric
but bay area wide, including the inner east bay and oakland. freeze warning for some of the coldest temperatures by tomorrow morning. especially south of san jose into the mid to upper 20s as you wake up tomorrow morning, so you could have some patchy ice or frost and another change we're seeing in the forecast now it looks like the chilly temperatures and subfreezing temperatures are going to be sticking around longer now in our seven-day forecast. looking at that coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >>> apartment complex in san jose has been without hot water for more than a week now and the beam who live there are mostly elderly and disabled. they say they want a solution and fast, especially during the freezing temperatures. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there with what's happen ing there. >> reporter: diane, it is cold out here in san jose. tonight it's expected to get into the 20s and 30s in some spots. and that's bad news for 200 tenants who have been without hot water, some tell us it's been a nightmare. >> everybody is frustrated. every
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